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The Historical Association

December 29, 2009

Britain at War 1939-1945

The Historical Association – a charity which promotes the study of history – has recommended  BRITAIN AT WAR 1939 to 1945 what was life like during the war? By James Lingard (ISBN 9781434359339) to members. The association supports teachers in primary and secondry education but also academics at all levels and anyone interested in history.

The book brings alive the harsh realities of life in Britain during the war – life full of uncertainty and the danger of impending death. It also provides a concise history of the salient campaigns in World War 2 ideal for anyone who lacks the time or inclination to study the larger works.

UCL People March 2009 – a University College London magazine – has described the work as a ‘short but powerful book which brings together personal reflections with the historical and political context.’

A typical reader commented: ‘I enjoyed this book very much. Being reasonably familiar with the published history, I was nevertheless greatly impressed by the books success in compressing the history of the war and its antecedents to such a modest length without apparently sacrificing any important theatre of conflict. It gives a highly digestible overview of an important sector of modern history.’


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