Escape From Iran Israeli Style

A fact based short story inspired by the action packed adventures of Israeli engineers sent to supervise construction works on a military base for the Shah’s army deep in central Iran. They found themselves caught up in the Iranian revolution of 1st February 1979. Faced with a truly horrific drama, they regarded their chances of escape as negligible. What should they do? Would war with Israel be declared? The result is a short but powerful thriller as the Israelis metamorphose from fugitives to an aggressive fighting force.

EXCERPT: “Silence; total silence! No tramp of marching feet; no shouted orders; no trucks grinding passed the window of his quarters and why no reveille? David, always an early riser – ever since his own army days as a tank commander – stirred restlessly still only half awake.

He glanced at his watch – reveille should have sounded at least five minutes ago. Outrageous, such an omission was unprecedented. He listened intently. Had the entire garrison melted away in the night – quietly so as not to disturb his sleep – leaving behind a ghostly replica of their camp in the early morning mist? He must be having a nightmare; but the stillness was real.

Wide awake now, he found the mystery which confronted him totally disconcerting. Just what had happened? What should he do? He reminded himself that the Shah’s army had total responsibility for security, his own army days were over. The base was part of the Shah’s last desperate attempts to be invincible to all threats, internal or external.

As the silence persisted, he became increasingly alarmed – the more so when he caught the muffled sound of a suppressed oath outside his window. Dressing hurriedly and checking the revolver he always carried about his person, he decided to investigate before hastening over to join his fellow engineers for breakfast in the mess. Something must be seriously amiss.

Opening the door cautiously, he stopped and looked around. Not a soul in sight in whichever direction he looked – not even by the main headquarters building. Where was everybody? Normally, the first bus loads of workers would be arriving from Isfahan. Iranian troops guarding the base would be everywhere. Today, nothing; he was alone or so it seemed. Then the sound of running feet round the next corner, but when he reached it, they were gone.

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