In Defiance of Danger

In Defiance of Danger

In Defiance of Danger is a miscellany of fact based short stories. The first four chapters describe incidents which occurred in the Second World War and are a tribute to the brave. The following remarkable stories are about how real people behaved in dangerous or difficult peacetime situations and compare with any thriller.

Extract: “On D-day, Maurice’s landing craft had on board one tank and three guns – all modified with their barrels in fixed positions to fire straight ahead at a target one thousand yards away. He had orders to search out a shore battery; aim the guns by steering his boat straight at it, then fire at 1,000 yards. Training had shown that this was the best way to ensure accuracy by the army gunners, but approaching the alerted German guns in a straight line had to be insane.

Maurice and his sister craft approached the landing beaches at full speed ahead – not that their cumbersome craft wallowing in the swell had much of a racing capability. Their progress seemed leaden. What kind of reception could they expect? Would the Germans bother to use their heavy guns against such tiny targets? The whole area had been heavily bombed, but it felt as though they were alone against the might of an invisible German army.

A mile out and no target identified. Suddenly, a loud explosion to port. A quick glance – the sister ship had received a direct hit and exploded into pieces. Zigzag. Just in time. Another battery closer to Maurice fired at him. This is it. He headed directly for it. Hold on – 1100 yards. Wait for it – fire.

Maurice and the battery fired more or less simultaneously. They missed; he did not. The shell from the tank hit the concrete bunker housing the guns, but made precious little impression on it. The shells from the three guns exploded – – and produced red smoke. Red smoke, Maurice swore as he turned away from the beach to try another attack.

Suddenly, a tremendous explosion occurred. The battery had gone – not only the battery but the low cliff on which it stood had collapsed into the sea.

Now the time had come to take on the second battery which had sunk his sister craft. Maurice had to cover half a mile before he was in range. He did not hesitate, random zigzags and a lot of prayer.

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