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A fact based short story inspired by the action packed adventures of Israeli engineers who were supervising construction works on a military base for the Shah’s army deep in central Iran when they found themselves caught up in the Iranian revolution of 1st February 1979. Faced with a truly horrific drama, they regarded their chances of escape as negligible and resolved to arm themselves and fight if their desperate attempts at bluff failed. What should they do? Would war with Israel be declared? The result is a short but powerful thriller.
Char reviewed Escape From Iran Israeli Style
Excellent 2 June 2013 A great book to read for war literature lovers. Excellent writing and captivating story. Enjoyed it from beginning to end.
Tags: adventure, thriller, action, short stories, Iran, Israel, escape.

This powerful fast moving blend of recent history with the fictional adventures of a British spy was inspired by Russia’s problems with Chechnya and the war between Russia and Georgia over semi-independent Abkhazia. The result is an action packed thriller full of danger and drama. Much of the action takes place against a background of the Caucasus Mountains. But can our hero trust the Russian FSB (formerly KGB) officer who befriends him and how will she react to Anna, a Separatist?
Char reviewed The Dead Man Strikes Back
Powerful thriller I thoroughly enjoyed reading this action packed thriller, an excellently written and fast moving story that makes you want to keep reading.
Tags: adventure, thriller, contemporary fiction, action, war, Georgia, spy.

In Defiance of Danger is a miscellany of fact based short stories relating to war, action packed adventure, insolvency or drama in the City of London. It reveals how real people behaved in dangerous or difficult situations both in war and peace. Their stories compare with any thriller and the war exploits – part of our history – are a tribute to the brave.
Char reviewed In Defiance of Danger
Must read 2 June 2013 An absolute must read for war story lovers. Revealing and compelling short stories that thrill as well as inform the reader.
Tags: short stories, war, action, adventure, London, insolvency, drama.

BRITAIN AT WAR 1939 to 1945 What was life like during the war?
Memoir Recalls Boyhood Spent Experiencing Harsh Realities of World War II
Combining the intensely personal with the indelibly historical, this powerful memoir reflects on a boyhood subjected to the harsh realities of World War II in Britain – a fascinating journey full of danger, uncertainty and the bonds of family.
A series of narrow escapes induces the belief that: If a bomb has your name on it, you are dead whatever you do; and if not, it will miss you. Set against a background of impending death, the prose is interspersed with quotes from Churchill’s speeches and an overview of the major campaigns in the important theatres of conflict, adding a political context to a personal story.
BRITAIN at WAR is dedicated to all those who suffered on the road to victory and was written primarily for readers curious about the life their parents and grandparents endured in wartime Britain. How did a family with a small child caught up in such a war survive?

Reviews include:-
The Historical Association – a charity which supports teachers in primary and secondary education but also academics at all levels and anyone interested in history – ‘Members will be interested in BRITAIN AT WAR 1939 to 1945 what was life like during the war? by James Lingard (ISBN 9781434359339) which brings alive the harsh realities of life in Britain during the war – life full of uncertainty and the danger of impending death. It also provides ‘a concise history of the salient campaigns in World War 2 ideal for anyone who lacks the time or inclination to study the larger works.’
UCL People (University College London) (March 2009) ‘A memoir of boyhood in Britain during World War II, this short but powerful book brings together personal reflections with the historical and political context. The author’s memories are interwoven with quotations from Churchill’s speeches and overviews of the major campaigns. ‘Britain at War’ is written from the standpoint of people directly involved, and all personal experiences are based on actual events.’
Britain at War is available in paperback (ISBN 9781434359339) through local bookshops or on-line; or from AuthorHouse or Kindle as an e-book (ISBN 9781434359346). More information including extracts from the book is available at or on Goodreads.

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