Review by Tony Parsons of Escape From Iran Israeli Style

David (engineer) a former military commander, now a civilian contractor & others; including Israeli engineers are stationed in Iran to help rebuild. Ben is in charge of the various construction projects at the base. The Shah’s army is the security force.

Ben reads/shows the morning newspaper to the group with grave concern. There’s been a revolution in Tehran, Ayatollah Khomeini has returned from exile & the Shah has left the country. A picture portrayed Ayatollah & Yasser Arafat shaking hands at the embassy.

David was in grave danger also the Palestinians had him on a hit list.

The Shah had set down the rules & 100’s of demonstrators had been killed or tortured by his secret police. He was now considered a enemy combatant.

David decided he needed to take charge of everyone so they would not all be killed. Do they stay & fight the Shah or leave? The decision was made to leave the base at once. Those stationed at the base were: the majority engineering specialists, 2 pilot officers, a flight sergeant; a lieutenant, a few Jr. Tank commanders & artillery officers & 2 ex Special Forces NCOs.

They all helped round up what guns/munitions & food supplies they could scrounge up. They had 4 Iranian army trucks of stuff. They headed south away from Isfahan but encountered some enemy soldiers & a helicopter had flown over them.

A new decision had been made to plan an assault on a police station at Na’in. Everyone was taken captive with hardly any confrontation with the Israelis & placed in the cells. They confiscated all the guns/munitions & left.

4 different groups were detailed & were set up & also assigned to take watch duty.

Along the way they found some buses & remodelled them & abandoned the 4 trucks. In the next village they came to the spoke with the locals & took food/water from a local store.

The Israelis headed toward Tehran. Upon arrival there were people celebrating the return of the Ayatollah & the abdication of the Shah. Looting had gone on the rampage, buildings & property were set fire or destroyed, & lynch mobs were executing PPL.

David explained to the group they were neutral & must not take part or even intervene. What now? Where do we go from here?

They found an Iranian plane but it did not have air clearance to fly in Israel. 2 Israeli fighter jets, 1 on each wing, forced the plane down at a remote desert military airfield in Israel. Were the interrogators really going to believe they were Israeli engineers?

OMG, 1st I must say I am former military. When you are sent to a country to rebuild you must do minimal damage to the remaining enemy combatants, & help the citizens & politicians rebuild towns & restore their country to somewhat civil terms….things will never ever be the same.

There must be a continuance?

This was a very exciting book (short story) for me to read, great almost real characters & excellent content; very well written, I will give it 4/5 stars.

Thank you
Tony Parsons MSW

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