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March 27, 2014

All review copies of the following in Librarything are now fully subscribed:
1. BRITAIN AT WAR 1939 to 1945 What was life like during the war? (paperback (ISBN 9781434359339) e-book (ISBN 9781434359346) (ASIN:B005QNPQLE) is a concise easy to digest history of the home front in Britain and of the salient campaigns in World War 2. The book brings alive the harsh realities of life in the war – life full of uncertainty and the danger of impending death. How did a family with a small child caught up in such a war survive? A series of narrow escapes induced the belief that: If a bomb has your name on it, you are dead whatever you do; and if not, it will miss you. The author’s memories are interwoven with quotations from Churchill’s speeches and overviews of the major campaigns.
2 THE DEAD MAN STRIKES BACK (Thriller) (ASIN: B00D1W030G): A short (19,224 words) fast moving blend of recent history with the fictional adventures of a British spy was inspired by Russia’s problems with Chechnya and the war between Russia and Georgia over semi-independent Abkhazia. The result is an action packed thriller full of danger and drama. Much of the action takes place in Sukhumi – then a veritable Cauldron of Hate – and against a background of the Caucasus Mountains close to where the Winter Olympics took place. Our hero is being hunted by Chechen terrorists – ‘You’re a dead man, English. We know who you are. Go home, or you die.’ But can he trust the Russian FSB (formerly KGB) officer who befriends him and how will she react to Anna, a Separatist?
3. IN DEFIANCE OF DANGER (Short Stories) (9372 words) (ASIN:B00D1VW5V2) is a miscellany of fact based short stories relating to:-
(1) D-Day. How would you feel approaching the shore batteries?
(2)MTB sights pocket battleship
(3)Germans surrounding the house
(4)Escape from German tanks
(5) Passenger in mid-air collision
(6)An enemy of the Mafia
(7 – 11) Other stories.
These stories are about real people and compare with any thriller. The war exploits – part of our history – are a tribute to the brave.
4. ESCAPE FROM IRAN ISRAELI STYLE (Action/Adventure) (ASIN:B00D1VPZXM): A fact based short story (8015 words) inspired by the action packed adventures of Israeli engineers who, whilst supervising construction works on a military base for the Shah’s army deep in central Iran, found themselves caught up in the Iranian revolution of 1st February 1979. Faced with a nightmare scenario, they regarded their chances of escape as negligible and resolved to arm themselves and fight if their desperate attempts at bluff failed. What should they do? Some were on the Palestinian death list and they had a newspaper photograph of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader, shaking hands with Ayatollah Khomeini on the balcony of the Israeli embassy in Tehran.


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