New Review (3)

Another 5 star review by Jane of Britain at War 1939 to 1945 by James Lingard. She writes:

“I was asked to read this book through

I have read a great deal on Britain and the part so many people played during this time. I had just finished the Longest Night by Gavin Mortimer and was interested to read how the author could condense this into one book.

The author did manage to condense this and really well. I have given this book five stars.

I was really interested in the author’s family and Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire during the war as I have fond memories of Heptonstall and Hebden Bridge some twenty years ago, which today is even more colourful and bohemian. But back then these were essentially weaver’s towns.

The author has researched the subject well and comes up with interesting new facts that even the most accomplished reader of this era will not be aware of.

For the reader who wants to know the facts in a nutshell then read more widely this is the book to read.

Highly recommended and thank you for the opportunity to read this fascinating book.

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