Britain in WW2

Second edition

Second edition


     To commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War, my publishers are launching a second edition of BRITAIN AT WAR 1939 to 1945 What was life like during the war? (ISBN: 9781504942126 paperback and ISBN: 9781504942133 e-book). It gives a short 33,500 word insight into life in wartime Britain told from the perspective of people who actually experienced it; with an overview of the major campaigns, enlivened by quotations from Churchill’s speeches. How did a family with a small child survive the air raids and rationing?

Life in Britain was harsh, full of drama and the danger of impending death. ‘If a bomb has your name on it, you are dead; if not it will miss you.’ The reader may be surprised at how close the Allies came to disaster. The book’s entertaining insights add interest and will evoke memories for people who lived in those times.

Reviews have said:

‘This book was a relatively quick read – -. James Lingard has meticulously researched and presented the timeline of events for the war, but where this book really shines as far as I am concerned is in the sharing of his own family’s experiences as they were personally impacted. – – Another enjoyable part of the book was the quotes Lingard used at the beginning of each chapter. Many of these quotes were taken from speeches by Churchill or other prominent men of the time and they add to the general picture and emotions of the period.’

‘For the reader who wants to know the facts in a nutshell then read more widely this is the book to read.’

‘History isn’t just about the events that happened, but the impact those events had on the people, on society. I feel history can never be complete unless we see it through the eyes of those it affected, which Lingard does a great job with.

‘The author has researched the subject well and comes up with interesting new facts that even the most accomplished reader of this era will not be aware of.’

‘Great book. A book I could not put down. Not only does it cover the most salient points of the war. We see war in Britain through the eyes of a young child.’

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