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The Dead Man Strikes Back – Winter Olympics

December 30, 2013

The Dead Man Strikes Back, set near the Winter Olympics, describes the scenes in some detail, though the story is fiction. The ‘abundance of description’ is a point of criticism by the latest reviewer, but readers may find it adds interest in view of the Olympics and the latest unrest in the region.
Further reviews are expected shortly. In particular:
Book Highlights With Tina Marie Says
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This powerful fast moving blend of recent history with the fictional adventures of a British spy was inspired by Russia’s problems with Chechnya and the war between Russia and Georgia over semi-independent Abkhazia. The result is an action packed thriller full of danger and drama. Much of the action takes place against a background of the Caucasus Mountains. But can our hero trust the Russian FSB (formerly KGB) officer who befriends him and how will she react to Anna, a Separatist?
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