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BRITAIN AT WAR 1939 to 1945 by James Lingard

August 16, 2017

‘Five stars to Britain at War, and a hearty recommendation to librarians everywhere to acquire a copy so future generations can become enlightened.’

This conclusion to the review by Don Stone must surely be the most favourable of all the five star reviews that the book – or indeed any of its peers – has so far received. It has encouraged me to write a fuller romance and social history of the period which is currently undergoing an edit and will shortly seek a literary agent / publisher.

Contact details for me are available at http:///, a website about the home front.



BRITAIN IN WW2 reviews

August 25, 2015
Second edition

Second edition

A new 3/4 star review of the SECOND EDITION OF BRITAIN AT WAR 1939 to 1945 What was life like during the war? by James Lingard has now been published:-

‘By Davros-10 on 22 Aug. 2015

Format: Paperback

Let me disclose up front that I received a PDF edition of this book as a giveaway in return for a review, and that the book could be just as easily categorised as “History” as “Biographies & Memoirs).

The blurb for the book says that it “gives a short insight into the horrors of the home front told from the perspective of someone who actually experienced them, a fascinating look at the harsh realities of life in Britain, life full of drama and the danger of impending death. How did a family with a small child caught up in such a war survive? There follows an overview of the major campaigns in World War II, giving an insight into the big picture, enlivened by personal experiences and quotations from Churchill.”

What attracted me to the book was the promise that it would give an insight into the horrors of the home front from the perspective of someone who actually experienced them as a young boy. And it does do this, but this section of the book is far too short, and the overview of the major campaigns section is far too long as this section is not detailed enough for anyone with even a cursory interest in the history of WWII. Having said that, the two separate parts of the book are very well written. It’s just that both are too brief and not detailed enough for my own tastes. If you are only looking for a quick look at life in Britain during the war, or a very short summary of the major campaigns of the war, add an extra star to my (3 star) rating.

Review by Tony Parsons of In Defiance Of Danger

December 19, 2013

This review is for: In Defiance of Danger (Kindle Edition)
Review from Tony Parsons
D-Day WWII fighting the Germans.
Maurice (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve). As the ship approached the beach head they begin to fire at the Germans. Their sister ships were being blown to pieces. Messerschmitt’s were also all around them. He returned to normal life as a hero and very successful in his career as a solicitor.

Richard (Navy) hunted German U-boats. On 1 battle his ships were low on fuel & had to abandon the mission, the Germans won this 1.

The Colonel had his men hold up in an abandoned farmhouse for a brief R/R when the Germans attacked. They returned fire & the Germans get beat finally left.

The Allied Colonel always liked to lead the way. In 1 battle his tanks/crew were surround by Panzer tanks. They were taken prisoner. The British officers were entertained & the other soldiers were escorted off to another building. The Allies overcame the guards and stole some tanks, when the Germans caught up with them later a battle erupted, he did not hang around.

After the war was over Tom (solicitor) received a call from a pilot who wanted to visit with him. When they met he told Tom his story of how they narrowly escaped death.

Tom had met a lot of eccentric PPL in his life. 1 is from South America, quite the worldly traveller he is an adviser on international finance to his President. In the winter he lives in South Africa. He needs protection because the Mafia is after him, more than likely a gambling debt; they owned horses. Tom never saw him again. He later read in the paper in South Africa the Africans must deal with the apartheid on a daily basis & someone who helped mercenary’s find employment had stolen an enormous amount of money & vanished into thin air.

A Chief Superintendent from Scotland Yard armed with a warrant wanted to visit with Tom. He was shown a picture of 1 of his former clients. The man worked for the embassy; Tom found out the officials investigating the case that he had taken money; he was executed.

8, 9, 10, 11.

Wow, I am retired US Army/reserves. This book not only has military in it but spy spoofs & devious PPL as well. What a great set of short stories to read.

I did not take notes on the last 4. Everyone was either a continuance or unique. Very well written; a great story line. I’m also a history buff; especially wars. I will have to rate this free book at a 5.

Thank you
Tony Parsons MSW

Review by Tony Parsons of Escape From Iran Israeli Style

December 10, 2013

David (engineer) a former military commander, now a civilian contractor & others; including Israeli engineers are stationed in Iran to help rebuild. Ben is in charge of the various construction projects at the base. The Shah’s army is the security force.

Ben reads/shows the morning newspaper to the group with grave concern. There’s been a revolution in Tehran, Ayatollah Khomeini has returned from exile & the Shah has left the country. A picture portrayed Ayatollah & Yasser Arafat shaking hands at the embassy.

David was in grave danger also the Palestinians had him on a hit list.

The Shah had set down the rules & 100’s of demonstrators had been killed or tortured by his secret police. He was now considered a enemy combatant.

David decided he needed to take charge of everyone so they would not all be killed. Do they stay & fight the Shah or leave? The decision was made to leave the base at once. Those stationed at the base were: the majority engineering specialists, 2 pilot officers, a flight sergeant; a lieutenant, a few Jr. Tank commanders & artillery officers & 2 ex Special Forces NCOs.

They all helped round up what guns/munitions & food supplies they could scrounge up. They had 4 Iranian army trucks of stuff. They headed south away from Isfahan but encountered some enemy soldiers & a helicopter had flown over them.

A new decision had been made to plan an assault on a police station at Na’in. Everyone was taken captive with hardly any confrontation with the Israelis & placed in the cells. They confiscated all the guns/munitions & left.

4 different groups were detailed & were set up & also assigned to take watch duty.

Along the way they found some buses & remodelled them & abandoned the 4 trucks. In the next village they came to the spoke with the locals & took food/water from a local store.

The Israelis headed toward Tehran. Upon arrival there were people celebrating the return of the Ayatollah & the abdication of the Shah. Looting had gone on the rampage, buildings & property were set fire or destroyed, & lynch mobs were executing PPL.

David explained to the group they were neutral & must not take part or even intervene. What now? Where do we go from here?

They found an Iranian plane but it did not have air clearance to fly in Israel. 2 Israeli fighter jets, 1 on each wing, forced the plane down at a remote desert military airfield in Israel. Were the interrogators really going to believe they were Israeli engineers?

OMG, 1st I must say I am former military. When you are sent to a country to rebuild you must do minimal damage to the remaining enemy combatants, & help the citizens & politicians rebuild towns & restore their country to somewhat civil terms….things will never ever be the same.

There must be a continuance?

This was a very exciting book (short story) for me to read, great almost real characters & excellent content; very well written, I will give it 4/5 stars.

Thank you
Tony Parsons MSW

Book reviews

December 2, 2013

My books are currently receiving their first reviews on Goodreads

Initial results are most promising:-

In Defiance Of Danger (Short Stories) Five Stars

The Dead Man Strikes Back (Thriller) Four Stars

Escape From Iran Israeli Style (Action/Adventure) Four Stars

All are available on Amazon/Kindle and further information is available at https://www.shelfari/com/jamesrl

I hope you all enjoy reading them.

All the best

James Lingard

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